General Industry Co., Ltd. (Internationally, “Eagle Jumbo Co.,Ltd.”) is devoted to building quality tire chains and link chains. With 26-years of experience, we have set up a highly professional team with fully automated and modernized production lines consisting of robotic welders, forming machinery, and heat-treating furnaces. Through continuous testing and refinement of the chain manufacturing process, we have emerged as leaders in the field of link chain manufacturing today.
  Our diverse product portfolio includes forestry chains, flail chains, tracks, tire protection chains, anti-skid chains, and more; our products are made to protect tractors, trucks, and passenger vehicles as well as for industrial purposes. We put utmost priority on delivering high quality and highly consistent products. Our worldwide partners supply our products to their customers with great pride. Through our partners Quality Chain Corp USA and QC Canada, we have won competitive bids to build tire chains for the U.S. Government and the Canadian Army, serving as a testimony to our high quality guarantee.
  Our aim is to supply our partners with quality products and service at competitive prices. We invite you inquire about our products and to join us as partners. Together, we can chain up for a brighter future!